Oregon-Idaho HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISC)

The Oregon-Idaho HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISC) serves as a one-stop research shop and coordination umbrella that provides accurate, thorough and timely tactical and strategic drug intelligence to HIDTA initiatives, HIDTA participating agencies, and other law enforcement agencies both locally and nationally.

Established in 1999 with the HIDTA, the center is currently co-located within the Criminal Justice Division of the Oregon Department of Justice and the Portland office of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The ISC is staffed by criminal research specialists, tactical criminal intelligence analysts, a strategic intelligence analyst and a National Guard intelligence analyst.

The Oregon-Idaho HIDTA ISC consists of three units:

Watch Center 

The Watch Center provides both event and case/subject deconfliction to HIDTA initiatives and outside agencies in Oregon and Idaho and provides research support to investigations through the use of RISSIntel and numerous other public and protected databases.

Watch Center staff operate a tactical event mapping (RISSafe) service that serves to de-conflict and coordinate tactical operations and investigations occurring in close proximity to each other on a seven day per week, 24-hour basis. In addition, staff has nationwide law enforcement contacts and conducts a wide range of investigative research on criminal suspects and organizations including criminal history, photos, phone subscriber information, vehicle information, associates, financial crimes, licensing, and border crossings.

Analytical Unit

The Analytical Unit provides tactical and strategic intelligence and enforcement support to HIDTA initiatives and HIDTA participating agencies in Oregon and Idaho.

Tactical Intelligence Support

Criminal intelligence analysts provide tactical support to investigations that have a drug connection and a nexus to a HIDTA designated county in Oregon or Idaho. Tactical support may include call detail record and telephone toll analysis, remote Title III and pen register support, financial analysis, case information collation, integration and analysis, and officer safety reports and bulletins.

Strategic Intelligence Support

The unit’s strategic intelligence role includes provision of long-range intelligence designed to assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agency planners in their efforts to carry out effective enforcement and demand reduction strategies. Strategic intelligence support includes analysis of current and emerging trends related to the abuse, manufacture, and trafficking of illicit drugs. Products include the annual drug threat assessment, annual report, crime trend and impact assessments, and informational brochures.

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Unit is a primary investigative resource for equipment, including state-of-the-art Title III and pen register equipment, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking equipment, electronic surveillance equipment, and undercover equipment.