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Narco-Money Laundering & Proactive Undercover Investigations

  • OREGON PUBLIC SAFETY ACADEMY 4190 Aumsville Highway Southeast Salem, OR, 97317 United States (map)


Narco-Money Laundering (8 hours)
The United Nations estimates that narcotics’ trafficking generates over $400 billion in profits each year worldwide. That money has to be cleaned to be useful to the narco-barons of Latin America. This course teaches the predominant methods of drug money laundering, breaking the schemes down into understandable components and teaches investigators the tools available for identification, interdiction, and enforcement actions against money laundering organization from the local street-level dealer, to the drug lords in Mexico and Colombia.

Proactive and Undercover Investigations (24 Hours)
This course is a multi-media presentation involving the use of real-life case studies, film, and television as examples to aid in the understanding of the concepts being taught. A thorough introduction or refresher on the tools available to and methods employed by investigators working proactive and long-term cases, the course emphasizes racketeering, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, theft/robbery, criminal street gangs, human trafficking, and other organized criminal enterprises.


Narco-Money Laundering
Students will complete the course will greater familiarity and knowledge in the following areas:
*   Money Laundering Basics: Placement, Layering and Integration
*  The Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE)
*   Bulk Cash Smuggling and Unlicensed Money Transmitters
*   Interdiction Operations
*   Asset Forfeiture
*   Understanding the Criminal Money Laundering Statutes
*   Structuring and Smurfing
*   Hawala and Contra-Entrega
*   Chinese Underground Banking System (CUBS)
*   Venezuelan Bolivar
*   FinCEN (SAR’s, CTRs, 8300s and CMIRs)

Proactive and Undercover Investigations
Students will complete the course will greater familiarity and knowledge in the following areas:
*   Undercover Work   
*   Interrogations
*   Use of Informants                              
*   Source of Funding
*   Wiretaps                                             
*   Mobile Tracking Devices
*   Pens & Traps                                      
*   Pole Cameras
*   Drones & Aerial Surveillance        
*   Social Media
*   Deconfliction                                     
*   Open Source Intelligence
*   Warrants and Subpoenas              
*   Take Downs
*   Documenting Evidence                   
*   Post Arrest Essentials



 A narcotics prosecutor by trade, Mr. JP Nixon is currently the Director of a joint State/Federal HIDTA task force, based out of Miami, Florida, conducting long-term international money laundering investigations. As a prosecutor, Mr. Nixon has reviewed thousands of arrest affidavits, drafted hundreds of search warrants, documented countless confidential informants, and tried over 100 cases, including murders, drug trafficking offenses, robberies, and myriad other serious felonies. In addition, Mr. Nixon has developed an expertise in electronic surveillance, supervising more than two dozen wiretaps. Mr. Nixon’s narcotics related casework resulted in the seizure of tens of thousands of pounds of cannabis, hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, and ecstasy, and the arrest of many prominent drug traffickers, as well as a search and seizure operation that resulted in the largest cash seizure in Miami’s history, totaling almost 25 million dollars.


This course is sponsored and paid for by the Oregon-Idaho HIDTA; space is limited to 50 students. Students will be responsible for associated travel, lodging and meal expenses.

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