National Marijuana Initiative

The National Marijuana Initiative (NMI) improves the capabilities of the 32 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas nationwide in carrying out the National Drug Control Strategy objectives of disrupting domestic trafficking and production of, and reducing demand for, marijuana and derivative products by:

  • Enhancing information-sharing, enforcement, treatment, and prevention activities; and,
  • Educating and advising policy-makers on current research findings, law, and public policy.

Consistent with this mission, NMI convenes criminal justice, medical, and scientific expertise that:

  • Supports the objectives of the HIDTA program through the training of participants, exchange of research findings, and sharing of best practices and emerging trends, particularly with respect to domestic production on public lands and Native American lands;
  • Enables the HIDTAs and their communities to improve public safety, health and welfare through informed, evidence-based policy development and establishment of priorities;
  • Provides empirical knowledge that contributes to the ongoing development and successful implementation of the National Drug Control Strategy with respect to marijuana;
  • Coordinates with public lands agencies to pursue enforcement of laws that impact public safety and environmental well-being.